How angelic healing invoke the blessings of angels for a good life

Angels don’t exist merely in children’s story books. They are very real divine beings who help us in all areas of life if we call upon them. In fact George Washington talked about his guardian angel very often and said that he succeeded at Valley Forge after an inspiring visit from a celestial being who most definitely was an angel. Even Abraham Lincoln called upon angels to guide him and heal the country in crucial times. You need not be the president of a nation in order to take the blessings, healing and guidance from angels. Angels will help anyone who invokes them, but they do not interfere in anyone’s free will unless they are asked to.

How angelic healing is done?

Of course there are the naturally gifted people who are able to connect with angels without effort. But others have to undergo initiation or they need to meditate in order to invoke the help of angels. There are different ranks – also known as choirs of angels but the archangels are the most well-known. The archangels each have their own specialty and you can invoke the angel that you require help from.

Angel Healing

Why we need energy of angels?

As humans we have an energy system of our own, but the flow of energy in our physical and astral body gets blocked whenever we have a negative experience. These blocks may interfere with any area of our lives, including physical health, finances, relationships etc. When we call upon angels they use their energy to clear the blockages. This ensures that we move towards well-being in all areas of our lives.

However, if we are not initiated in the area of angelic healing then we need to take the help of an angelic healing practitioner. The practitioner is like a vessel which allows the energy of angels pass into the person being healed. But even angelic healing practitioners cannot go against your free will and they have to be asked to invoke the blessings of angels for you.

Praying to guardian angels

Guardian angels are always with us and they guide us in our lives in many intangible ways. If you want the help of your guardian angels then you simply have to pray to them. In fact in Christianity children are taught at a very young age to pray to their guardian angels. These angels are with us from birth till death and even afterwards.

Ranks of angels

Of course Archangels are the most popular when it comes to angelic healing, but there are 9 ranks or choirs of angels.

The 1st sphere – Seraphim, cherubim and thrones

The 2nd sphere – dominions, virtues and powers

The 3rd sphere – principalities, archangels and angels.

The Seraphim are closest to god and radiate pure light, in fact the Archangels also belong to the rank of Seraphim, but they have been given a rank of their own because of their mention in the holy books as being healing angels.

So now that you know about angelic healing, you can take help from angels to solve the problems you are facing in life. These celestial beings will never let you down and will ensure that you are happy and healthy.

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