Channelize the energy of the cosmos with Reiki healing

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Everything in this world vibrates to the energy of the cosmos and so does the human body, mind and soul. Reiki is the name given to this very cosmic energy and the best part is that it can be channelized for healing several issues that we face. Rei means universal and Ki means life force. Hence we can say that it is the universal life force energy. Most people know it as a Japanese art of healing, but the truth is that Reiki has its origin in India. A Japanese professor Dr. MikaoUsui found the secret of it in the Ancient scriptures written in the Indian Prakrit language in Tibet. After reading these sacred texts he meditated on a hill for 21 days at the end of which he was enlightened with the initiation of Reiki.

Reiki Healing

How Reiki works

Reiki slowly spread across the world and is now very popular as a healing method. The best thing is that it is an intelligent energy. Therefore sometimes it works in unforeseen ways. For instance there is the case of a 28 year old man who did not have any problems as such but wanted to experience Reiki healing. At the end of the healing he felt that he could hear better and his dislike for going to social gatherings also disappeared. He felt more focused and energetic compared to earlier.

Reiki works at four levels -

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

The energy works in an intangible way, but the people who take healing report that they are much better. In fact it is known to heal many incurable ailments like terminal cancer as well. Then again it brings abundance of many things like love, money, happiness in life of the person being healed.

Who can do Reiki healing?

Although it is all around and within us, yet the ability to channelize it comes only after attunement. During a Reiki attunement the Reiki master opens up channels and energy points (chakras) of the body so that the person can channelize the energy. There are different levels of Reiki Attunements. In the first level you can pass it through your hands so you have to be physically present with the person taking healing. However, after the second degree you can give distance healing. In the second degree the healer is attuned with three symbols of Reiki and after that there is a separate attunement for the fourth or master symbol. The last level is the master and grand master level, where you can give Reiki attunements to others.

Reiki does not harm!

The best part of it as mentioned above is that it is an intelligent energy. You cannot harm anybody or thing with it. In fact, many people who have tried to cause harm with Reiki have faced a backlash. This is the reason that it is a very soft and yet powerful energy which can be given to infants and children also. In fact you can even give it to an unborn child also.

All in all Reiki is an energy that brings joy and happiness to life and relieves you of the many hardships and ailments that you may unfortunately come across.

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